Key Points of the Secret Law of Attraction

Key Points of Secret Law of Attraction1. To get from point A to point B, focus on point B.

2. To get what you want, your desire must be stronger than your fear and doubt.

3. When trying to manifest what you want, don’t pay attention to the outside world because you create the outside world from the inside.

4. Identify and let go of any resistance to things that you desire.

5. Make positive meaning out of all experiences.

6. Remember that you are in charge of your reality and you can have, do or be what you want; reality must morph to match your vibe. Keep asking for what you want until you get it. You may need courage to shift into your new reality. You must feel worthy of having what you want now and feel like it is coming soon. Visualize it as already yours and feel the feelings of having it now.

7. Do not think about or concentrate on things that do not serve you, ignore them. Think perfect thoughts to get perfect outcomes. To focus, visualize your ideal outcome, make a list of arguments for why you are worthy of having what you want, or use affirmations. Ask for things you want often, to create more abundance in your life.

8. You need to get into energetic alignment with what you want. Don’t act on what you want until you are in alignment with it.

9. Don’t get too attached to your creations. If one dream falls apart, build a new dream.

10. To get love, give as much love as you can and love everything you can.

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