Key Points of the Secret Law of Attraction

Key Points of Secret Law of Attraction1. To get from point A to point B, focus on point B.

2. To get what you want, your desire must be stronger than your fear and doubt.

3. When trying to manifest what you want, don’t pay attention to the outside world because you create the outside world from the inside.

4. Identify and let go of any resistance to things that you desire.

5. Make positive meaning out of all experiences.

6. Remember that you are in charge of your reality and you can have, do or be what you want; reality must morph to match your vibe. Keep asking for what you want until you get it. You may need courage to shift into your new reality. You must feel worthy of having what you want now and feel like it is coming soon. Visualize it as already yours and feel the feelings of having it now.

7. Do not think about or concentrate on things that do not serve you, ignore them. Think perfect thoughts to get perfect outcomes. To focus, visualize your ideal outcome, make a list of arguments for why you are worthy of having what you want, or use affirmations. Ask for things you want often, to create more abundance in your life.

8. You need to get into energetic alignment with what you want. Don’t act on what you want until you are in alignment with it.

9. Don’t get too attached to your creations. If one dream falls apart, build a new dream.

10. To get love, give as much love as you can and love everything you can.

10 Ways Kids Are Well-Equipped for Using the Law of Attraction

Reach for the SkyI have realized that a child may actually be better equipped to create his or her reality than an adult due to a child’s active imaginations, high energy levels and generally happy, excited, playful, and harmonious moods. Kids also often ask for what they want and believe that they can have, do or be what they choose. Most of us have these qualities as children but they gradually fade as we become adults and we begin to believe that we can’t have, be or do all the things we want in life.

So, adults that retain some child-like qualities are actually better equipped to create things in their lives. So the next time a wife calls her husband a “big kid”, he should take it as a big compliment! There are good reasons for not being a completely mature grownup and for thinking more like a child. Here is a list of qualities that kids have that make them well-equipped for using the law of attraction:

Having the ability to imagine and visualize is important for manifesting your reality.
A child usually has a very active imagination that he uses all the time.

A higher energetic vibration is more joyful and it destroys or modifies a lower energetic level.
A child is usually very energetic.

It is important to believe that you can have what you want in order to attract it into your life and to ask for what you want until you get it, and to ask for things often to have an abundant life.

Kids don’t doubt that they can get the things they want in life- until they start being told that they can’t.

Kids often declare what they want and they don’t give up asking for what they want until they get it.

Kids are not afraid to take what they want when they want it. They don’t question their worthiness or whether they have earned it. This is a good trait to have because great opportunities don’t last. Adults often lose good opportunities by feeling that they are not worthy or by fearing failure.

Being in the zone as much as possible is important for getting what you want in life because your energy is most positive when you are in the zone, which will attract more positive energy and create the positive things that you want in your life.

Play is fun and creates positive energy and acting “as if” you already have what you want helps to attract it into your life.
Kids play a lot, which is good for learning and developing the imagination and visualization.
Kids know how to “act as if” they already have something through play.

Kids are generally very happy and excited about life and many things in life are new to them so they strongly anticipate getting what they want and they feel the feelings of having it now. These factors are important for manifesting your reality. Kids also laugh and smile a lot and attract more things that make them laugh and smile.

Not having fear or the fear of failure is important for creating opportunities in life and for seizing them.
Kids naturally like to experiment with new things as they learn about the world and they don’t fear failure because the mistakes that come with learning are a normal part of their learning process. There are lots of new things for them to try; the world is new and exciting for them. This, and the other reasons listed for why kids are well-equipped for manifesting are reasons why, I believe, young people are often successful in business.

Living in the moment helps you to get what you want because it eliminates worry about the past or future which can keep you from enjoying life in the present.

Kids tend to live in the moment and not worry about the past or future. They also don’t delay getting what they want-they go for what they want now. One of the rules of the Law of Attraction is that you should take what you want when you want; don’t delay or second guess.

Kids see the world with wonder and are open-minded about learning about their new world without pre-judgments.

Kids usually project a lot of love, which is the highest frequency. The more you love, the more love will come back to you. Kids naturally love themselves, others, and the world. Kids tend to feel that life is abundant because they are experiencing many new things in life, so they have an abundance vibe that can attract more abundance to them.

I realized that it is good to maintain a child-like perspective even as an adult for manifesting the things we want in our reality. So, if your child is disappointed to find out that there is no Santa, you can explain that there is something bigger called the Law of Attraction, and that ironically, kids are often better equipped to use it than adults.

Inspirational Quotes About Life

Create From Within

Dream the Impossible.
Before you slay the dragon, you might want to talk to it to get its point of view.
Live the life you want, love the life you live.
A little change, can change everything.
Live by the sun, love by the moon.
Love your journey.
Keep calm and carry on.
Come on, get happy!
The golden opportunity you seek is in yourself.
I am a magnet for abundance in the form of health and happiness.
Things are going to work out.
Be nice to yourself.
I am accepting myself unconditionally no matter what.
I can do it!
Not all those who wander are lost.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.
You are enough.
I love you to infinity and beyond.
I have absolute confidence and belief in what I want.
If not now, then when?
Let your imagination soar.
It’s going to be a great day!
Create your reality well.
I will not stress out.
Open mind, strong body, beautiful soul.
Have faith and believe.
Never, ever give up.
Just begin.
I won’t be bullied, I won’t be judged, I won’t be silent, I am not ashamed, I am strong, I am proud to be me.
Today, I will take time to play, play, play.
When one dream falls apart, build a new dream.
I am strong and I believe in myself.
All cells in my body are perfect and healthy.
I enjoy eating healthy foods that nourish my body.
Healing energy is flowing through my body.
My treatment is effective.
My immune system is strong and healthy.
I am grateful for my healing.
Your mission is a drive, voice, passion, energy you can’t ignore!  It’s your life purpose and you know it in your heart!
Happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts.  Reach for the best feeling thought always.
I always choose the path of most love in every moment.  Everything I do adds love to the world.
Today, I will laugh lots.  Ha ha ha!
Today is the day!
I am loved.
The past is over and done. I let go.
Dream, explore, discover.
Open up your wings and fly.
Get into the zone and stay there.
Be true to yourself.
I am peace, love freedom, serenity.
Ask, believe, receive.
Tell people about the good you see in them.
Close your eyes, make a wish, believe dreams come true.
Abundance, balance, love, success, passion.
Listen to your heart.
What a beautifull mess.
Whatever you are, be a good one.
I think to my self, what a wonderful world.
Live life to its fullest!
Stop dreaming, start living, follow your heart!
Turn that frown uside down!
The time is now.
Happiness is something you choose.
The sky is the limit for me.
You’re doing everything right!
Live your life well.
Explore, Encounter, Embrace.
Success and fulfillment are doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.

Law of Attraction Tips and Ideas


Waiting does not get you what you want; you need to create what you want in your life.  For example, I had waited for a long time to find the right person for me.  Then I learned that you do not “find” the right person, home, career, etc. you create those things with your thoughts.  If you are looking for things that you have not yet created in your reality, then it is like painting a painting and trying to find something in it that you have not painted yet. 

I learned that for the right person to come into your life, you have to get specific about what this person will be like, believe you can be with the person, and imagine being with them and feel those feelings until the person comes into your reality.  As it says in the book “The Secret”, you need to summon what you want into your life, otherwise you can be waiting forever for it – and it does not take time to create what you want.  Thinking that you have to wait for things limits your experiences in the limited time you have on this earth. 

When the person or thing that you want does appear, be ready to receive. If you are not ready to receive something, do not summon it into your life yet because you will not feel good if you are not ready to receive what you want.  I believe that this is a reason why we end up with unrequited love. According to the law of attraction, we can have, do or be whatever we choose, so what limits us is conflict within ourselves – uncertainty about what we want and fear and doubt. And many do not have the things that they want in life because they never get clear about what they really want.  So get clear about what you want and visualize and summon your wishes often and with certainty!


I have realized that “love at first sight” might happen because it may actually not be your very first encounter with the person.  In terms of the Law of Attraction, if you are trying to summon a love into your life, the first time you meet them may not be the first connection you had with them.  A connection was made when you imagined what the person would be like and summoned them into your life.  So you may feel an instant love connection to the person since they are someone that you manifested into your life and without realizing this, you might call the connection “love at first sight”. 

The law of attraction might also account for why you sometimes feel like you have met someone before, or feelings of déjà vu.  When you feel like you already know the person that you have just met, perhaps it is because they are someone that you wanted to manifest into your life. 

There is also the idea of parallel universes.  In this theory, each of us is living many different lives in many universes.  I think that maybe when you have a deja vu feeling, you are feeling something that you have done in another universe.



Society teaches us that we need to prove ourselves to be successful.  Society says that we  need to prove ourselves with good grades, a good career, etc., but in terms of the Law of Attraction, you do not need to prove yourself to anyone since you are the creator of your own reality, you can create anything in your life that you want so proving yourself is not necessary.  If you think you have to prove yourself, this sends a message to the universe that you do not think that you are worthy to get what you want now, in the present.  This can delay what you want from coming to you because, according to the Law of Attraction, you need to feel worthy now, to get what you want.

You must feel like you already have what it is you want, so when you chase after something, you send a signal to the universe that you don’t have confidence that you can have it now because you think you have to chase after it instead of it coming to you.  If you set an intention for something to come to you, and your intention is certain, clear, and without fear and doubt, then what you want will come to you, so there is no need to chase after it. 


When bad things happen, it technically does not make sense to get angry or blame others because you attracted the problem into your life so you are responsible for it.  Instead of getting upset, try to think better thoughts to create better outcomes in your life.  Remember, energy flows where attention goes, so set your attention to good things and expect good things for your life.

I hope you have enjoyed these law of attraction tips.  More to come soon! Feel free to comment and share your experiences.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day (Intending Your Day)

Intending Your DayTo get the most out of each day, plan your day the night before so you have goals for what you want to achieve and prevent yourself from getting sidetracked.  When you plan your day the night before, your mind will work on creating your day while you sleep.

1)  Decide what you want to do, at what time of the day, and how long each task will take. 

2)  Every morning think of the things you are grateful for in your life, then close your eyes and visualize the day going exactly as you as you want it to go in detail (intend your day). Imagine the things you want to happen, what it will feel like when these things happen, and the result you want.   Imagine having a pleasant day and plenty of time to accomplish what you need to do.

Next, visualize your bigger goals.  You might have affirmations for each goal and say them out loud.  If you want a new car, for example, you might have a picture of a car on one side of a card, and on the other side you might write down what you want and an affirmation.  Close your eyes and visualize driving the car.

3)  Put images of what you want in your house to remind you of what you want and to help attract these things into your life.

4)  When not feeling well, ask yourself what you are thinking (it is usually negative thinking) and find better feeling thoughts.

5)  Have a gratitude journal and take a few minutes to write down what you are grateful for each day.

6)  Take inspired actions.  These inspirations can be guides that will lead you to where you want to go.

7)  When going to sleep, if something did not go as planned in your day, replay it in your mind in a way that makes you happy.